Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Peek Into Easy Readers

Last week I shared a boxed set of books that I'm in love with. The Ready, Set, Go series is perfect for beginning readers.



I love the simplicity of these books. They have a simple sight word and the picture clearly matches the text. When you are reading simple books like these with your kids, they will memorize. That's ok! Just have them practice pointing to the words as they say them too. One to one correspondence of print is a learned skill. All of the books in set one have just two words on each page. My daughter loves these because they are only 4 page books! She feels like a reader and it's quick!

Set 2 has full sentences. Still, the text is predictable enough that kids can read on their own or with minimal support. Key sight words are used, which helps develop fluency in reading! Again, have kids point to the words as they read. Make sure your child understands where to start if the sentence is broken into two lines. That return sweep is sometimes hard for kids to understand. This is a perfect time to talk about the words on the page, punctuation, and the way authors write with mostly lowercase letters.
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Set 3 contains books with much longer sentences and more pages in each book. My daughter hasn't been able to read these books without support yet, but she keeps trying. Sometimes I will read these books to her and have her point to the words for me.


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Our new literacy program does have little books that we will be sending home. These will not start coming home for several more weeks. If you have had a child in kindergarten and still have the pre-decodable and decodable books that we used in years past, feel free to have your child read these. The Lynnwood Library has many easy readers too. I LOVE the Wright Group books. They are kept in tubs in the children's area. If you are looking to purchase books, Barnes and Noble carries the Ready, Set, Go series and the sets by Nora Gaydos. has fantastic books for early readers too!

Happy reading!

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