Monday, October 4, 2010

Numeral Writing

Over the next few weeks, we'll be working on learning to write our numbers.

We use our workbooks for practice.

We'll be practicing numeral writing with clay and shaving cream next week. (This week we are doing a little free explorataion with these materials.)

As the kids learn how to form the numerals, we will be learning poems to help us remember. Here are the poems if you'd like to say them at home with your child.

1 - Start at the top and down we run. That's how we make a number 1.

2 - Around and back on a railroad track, 2, 2, 2.

3 - Around a tree. Around a tree. That's how we make a number 3.

4 - Down and over and down once more. That's how we make a number 4.

5 - Down and around, with a flag on high. That's how we make a number 5.

6 - Around in a loop, number 6 rolls a hoop.

7 - Across the top and down to the ground, then we see a 7 is found.

8 - Make an "S" and do not wait. When we get home we have an 8.

9 - Make a circle and then a line. That's how we make a number 9.

Here's a favorite activity of my own children: Give them and can of shaving cream in the bath tub or shower. Have them spray the shaving cream on the wall and practice writing letters and numbers in the shaving cream. Your kids will get practice writing AND you'll have clean shower walls when kids get out of the bathtub!

Have fun!

***The materials we use for numeral writing practice come from Math Their Way and our Expressions math curriculum. ***

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