Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Favorite Things for Learning Letters and Sounds

I'm in love with the Leap Frog brand! The people who work at Leap Frog simply KNOW KIDS! There are a few items that I have purchased for my kids that I can't live without. With the Holidays approaching, keep these ideas in mind for gifts for your kids.


First up, the Letter Factory DVD is an absolute "must have" if your child is still working to solidify their letter sounds. (Which is most kindergarteners at this point in the year.) This DVD was only $9.00 at Target and it was the best $9.00 I've ever spent. It has catchy little songs to help kids learn letters and sounds. I actually purchased the whole series of Leap Frog DVD's for my own kids. The skills addressed in the DVD's get progressively harder, but are always taught in a developmentally appropriate way.


The best part about the DVD's is how they connect to the hands-on learning games made by Leap Frog. I purchased this game for my kids a few years ago. Leap Frog has stopped making the board game, although you can still purchase it on Ebay. You can also buy card games, Leapster game cartridges, Fridge Phonics, and many other games that use the same catchy songs as the DVD. It's brilliant! The kids learn the songs when they watch the DVD. Then they play the hands-on games to help solidify the concepts.


Here's my latest purchase. I bought a tag reader, some books, a carrying case, and headphones for each of my kids. Again, this is a brilliant invention. Kids can touch the book and just have the story read to them, or point to each word individually and read the book on their own. There are also several learning games incorporated into each book. The books and Tag reader are available everywhere. I often buy books at Target. I purchased the original set from I found that buying the initial set on their website was less expensive.

I hope you'll keep some of these ideas in mind for Holiday gifts. There are so many wonderful learning games made by Leap Frog. They haven't even paid me to say these nice things about them! I'm just a huge fan of the products. (Although, if Leap Frog wanted to purchase a class set of Tag Readers for my class, I'd gladly review their product for them!!!)

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