Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Organizing Your Kids' Books


My kids and I spent some quality time going through the bookshelf on Sunday evening. We weeded out many of the books that the kids have outgrown. Once we reduced the amount of books on the shelf, we were ready for a little reorganizing. In the classroom, our library is organized into thematic bins. I have about 50 little bins in the classroom.

classroom library

I don't quite have that much space in our home library nook. I use the area behind my bedroom door for our kids' library corner. It is unused space and if the door is open the messy books are hiding behind the door. The label maker was my best friend for this project. The labels are really for me, so I know where I want books put away. I'll be honest, my kids don't put books back on the shelf and they usually just leave piles around the house for me to pick up and put away.

I decided to divide the books the same way I do in the classroom. We sorted the books into piles and then made a section on each shelf. Since I don't have enough room for the number of bins I'd like, I just used my label maker to label each section. I'd like to do little pictures, like I do in the classroom. That will have to be a project for another day.

We had a lot of Dora books, so they got their own bin. Arthur books were pretty popular so they got a bin too. I have bins for a few chapter book series, but the rest of the books are just on the shelves, sorted by category.
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Shall we take bets on how long this lasts? How do you manage your kids' books at home? Any tips for organization?

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  1. I was thinking by theme. Science, holiday, farm, ocean ect. and letting them pick about 10 out at a time, but this works too. I was also going to use cereal boxes cut like magazine folders. We will when I get a chance.

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