Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Noodle Pattern Necklaces

During November, in Kindergarten, we are usually spending quite a bit of our math time doing pattern work. Today we enjoyed making pattern necklaces and bracelets out of noodles.

The kids were SO focused!  They got to choose if they wanted to make a necklace, bracelet, or both.  They also choose their own colors and patterns.  We spent about 45 minutes developing our patterning skills AND our small motor skills.  

I brought in a beading kit for kids to use too.  They loved this!

This is a fabulous activity to do at home too!  Beading kits are great, but if you're the DIY type, here is a great tutorial on how to dye your own pasta.  I usually have kids tell me the colors they have chosen, as well as label the pattern.  For example, a red-yellow-red-yellow pattern would also be called ABABAB.  A red, red, yellow, red, red, yellow, would be called AABAAB.

Happy patterning!
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