Monday, June 4, 2012

Inspiring Shells

We let seashells inspire our writing today!  Next week we'll be heading to the beach for our last field trip of the year.  I broke out my shell collection for the kids to look at today.  I've been collecting shells since I was in kindergarten.  My mom always thought my ever-growing shell collection was a bit excessive.  She always wondered what I'd do with my shell collection when I grew up.  Well, when you become a teacher, all of those collections come in handy.

I passed around a lot of my really big shells for my kids to see.

The kids loved exploring with them too.

Some of the shells have been purchased at different aquariums I have visited or at garage sales, others have been collected over the years.

Some of the kids had stories to tell about the beach, during Writer's Workshop.  Other kids chose a shell and wrote about it.

Having seashells inspire our writing was so much fun!  The kids had wonderful beach stories to tell.  Hopefully, they'll have more fabulous stories after our field trip next week.
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  1. Cool highlighted papers. I do the highlighting myself but it takes a lot of work. Where did you get this paper?

  2. I can't remember! I'll look it up when I'm back at school tomorrow.