Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Heidi

Dear Heidi,

You have changed the way I teach sight words in kindergarten.  I think you're brilliant.

My daughter's kindergarten teacher used your DVD's with her class and introduced you to me.  Now, I don't think I could live without you!  We just finished our sight word assessment and my half time kindergartners did AWESOME this year! 

The other day, during Writer's Workshop, one of my kids asked how to spell the word ARE.  I never got the chance to answer.  The kids at the table started singing, "Oh, the seals at the zoo said to me. ARE ARE.  First and A. Then an R.  Then and E."  I just about cried!  This wasn't an isolated instance.  It happens ALL THE TIME in my classroom.  They are transferring their knowledge of sight words to their writing.  It's every teacher's dream come true!

Now that I know all of your songs, I have found your music helpful in my homelife too.  My daughter was doing a math project the other day and asked, "Which coin has the man with the pony tail?"  Of course, I broke into song, "Oh, the man with the pony tail is on the nickel and it's worth five cents."  She started singing along with me and didn't even need to ask how much a nickel is worth. 

Again, your products are brilliant.  The parents in my class always ask what they should do with their kids over the summer to help them prepare for first grade.  Your CD's and DVD's would be great for long car trips! I hope my parents will stop by your store for a look. 

Adoringly yours,


By the way, friends, I do not receive any compensation or special treatment for saying nice things about Heidi's products.  I've just seen amazing growth in my kindergarten students after using her songs in the classroom. 

Happy singing!

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  1. Dear Becca,
    Oh. My. Gosh!!!! WOW!!! What a wonderful thing to open up in my inbox this morning! Thank you soooo much for all of the nice things you said about me and my work. I am sitting here with my jaw dropped to the floor- or at least to my keyboard, ha ha!
    Thank you for lifting me up and lifting my spirits on a day when I really needed it! You're an angel. I worked on a presentation last night until 10:30 PM, after working all day (and this is AFTER school is out for the summer!) Sometimes, I wonder why- and then I remember that it really matters to some people. It matters to our kids and to teachers like you.
    Big hugs to you! I hope we get to meet in person some day so I can deliver that hug in person.
    Heidi Butkus