Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tasty Gingerbread Men

Run, run, as fast as you can....

We can't get away from the gingerbread man!

Last week we baked gingerbread cookies.  The kids rolled the dough, cut the cookies, and we popped them into the oven.  Don't worry we didn't peek!  The kids knew, from reading the story, that if we had opened the oven door he would have jumped right out!  

We made our gingerbread men out of sugar cookie dough and gingerbread dough, since some kids don't like the strong flavor of gingerbread.  We frosted our little guys, and then sprinkled them up.  

Many kids talked about their experiences, baking with family at home.  I love that you are taking the time to be in the kitchen with your kids.  It's always a bit messier when kids help, but the experiences you provide at home directly relate to kids' literacy development.  We have been reading and writing about gingerbread men and baking for weeks, and kids are constantly relating their experiences to the books we have read in class!

Happy baking!

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