Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sight Word Fun

I love it when we have helpers in the classroom.  Mrs. Gable and Mrs. V are both here, pulling small groups of kids, in the mornings.  On Monday mornings I'm lucky enough to have two more volunteers in the classroom.  It's the perfect opportunity to have some sight word fun!

One small group played Sight Word Bingo.

Another group built words.  My teaching partner made those great little beans with the letters on them.  It's something different for the kids and they enjoy building the words with the beans.

See that plastic craft box in the middle? It's one of these boxes you can get at Michael's to keep beads organized.  Each cubby is labeled with a letter and the beans are put back in the correct section when the kids finish making their word.  If you're looking for a fun new way to practice sight words at home, this is a quick and easy way to practice.  You can write the word for your child.  They build the word with their bean letters.  Then they write the word when they are finished. 

Here's the list of sight words we expect kids to be able to read when they complete kindergarten.

Kids are assessed three times each year.  Just ONE MONTH from now, we will be doing our final assessment.  How is your child doing?  We practice these words daily, during writing and phonics time, and on Tuesdays we practice the words through song and dance.  Volunteers and Para Educators work with small groups of kids on letters, sounds, and sight words as well.  We have sent home flash cards for you to practice with your child and hopefully they are enjoying the memory game too! Oh, and don't forget, the little books we send home also reinforce those sight words.  Keep practicing.  Only one month until our final assessment!
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  1. Lima bean sight letters! I wouldn't have thought of that, LOL! Great idea!!!!
    Heidi Butkus

  2. LOVE your Word/Build/Write mats! Did you make them or buy them from somewhere?? Summer project for me - labeling lima beans!

  3. I use beach pebbles and 3-D paint too. Kids LOVE natural items. I have larger flat beach stones with sight words on them in 3-D paint too. Also legos w/ letters on stickers - kids can build words. Or add words to legos, kids build sentences.