Saturday, September 10, 2011

The First Days of Kindergarten

What is it about kindergarten that makes us feel so many emotions?  My own kids both spent three years in preschool.  But, there was something about that first day of kindergarten that made my heart melt a little.  Maybe it's just that it's a new school or a new teacher.  Maybe it's the longer days away from home that make us realize how much we love having someone to talk to all day long.  Maybe it's just the fact that kindergarten is a new chapter in the lives we are shaping with loving words and experiences.

Whatever the reason, there is something magical about walking a class of 25 children to their new home away from home for the first time. For some, there are smiles and wave.  For others, there are a few tears... but not for long.  There is too much fun happening in kindergarten for tears.

25 new friends look around in wide eyed wonder.  They ask when they'll play and what time they get to go to the park.  We show them around and help them find their way.  (In so many more ways than the literal.)

Kindergarten is filled with exploration, creativity, and joy.

We learn new things every day.

Kindergarten is an emotional time.  It's a time filled with change for our kids and for ourselves.  It's the most magical year of school.  Enjoy it.  Treasure it.  Know that we will care for your children as if they were our own.

Happy first week of school!
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