Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apple Week

Last week I asked families to send an apple to school with their child. If you've had a kindergartener before, you probably knew what we were going to do with them. If not, here's a little "taste" of what you can do with an apple in kindergarten.

We graphed our apples.

We sorted our apples.

We smelled our apples cooking with cinnamon all day long.

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When the apples were cooked, we used the food press to make it into applesauce.


We've read lots of books about apples this week.

We REALLY appreciated the family who donated the large basket of apples to the classroom. (I won't use names of families and children in the blog because there could be weird stalkers out there. I don't want to put personal information out on the internet.) Thank you to the family who donated these! We loved all of the activites we were able to do!
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