Thursday, May 2, 2013

Snails in Kindergarten

 You have probably heard about our new class pets!  Personally, I prefer pets who are cute, fuzzy, and cuddly, but fish and snails are part of our curriculum.  So, we are loving our new pets even though they don't really have personalities!
Most of the kids will let the snails sit on their hands.  (Yes, we have them wash!)

The snail races are... well.... very slow going. I don't think it really qualifies as a "race" but we get to watch how they move.

Today we watched how they eat too.  Hmmm... now I know where all of the lettuce in my garden goes.

I can't remember the names the kids call these snails, but it was something like Swirly and Shelly. (The snail that was accidentally stepped on today, will now be known as Crush.)

I'll bet you didn't know that when snails are frightened, they make bubbles!  You learn something new every day in kindergarten.

Be sure to ask your child what they have learned so far about snails!

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