Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kindergarten Writer's Workshop Ebook

When I started this blog, my main purpose was to communicate with families in my classroom.  Since beginning, I've also been fortunate enough to meet many kindergarten teachers too.  I had no idea how many teacher blogs were out there, when I began writing.  I've had the opportunity to share what happens in my classroom and get to peak into other classrooms, through blogs, as well.   I realize that parents out there are probably not interested in this, but I wanted to share this with my teacher friends. 

Over the past seven years, I've had the opportunity to host demonstration lessons in literacy.  I usually have the chance to chat with teachers when my lesson is over, and I'm asked lots of management and setup questions.  Well, I finally got smart and wrote it all down.  I posted it on Teachers Pay Teachers a few weeks ago and have already sold a few copies.  If you are interested, here's the link to take a look.

Kindergarten Writer's Workshop

Happy writing!
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