Monday, March 5, 2012

Nonfiction Reading Lesson Objectives

Well, the title of this post sounds like the most boring entry you could possibly read!  While the title sounds incredibly boring, the content is anything but boring.  Our reading lessons for the week have to do with nonfiction books about animals.

Everyone knows that kindergarteners LOVE animals.  Of course, their love of animals encourages a love of animal books.  This week, in our reading program, we're reading Animals in Their Habitats.

Our objectives are to:

*build vocabulary related to animals
*summarize information
*build oral language
*identify and discuss nonfiction text features

As much as the kids like this book, they REALLY like the other animal books we have around our classroom.  My favorite animal books are the DK books.  Here's a link to Amazon, to see a few good titles. Many of these books are available at the public library as well.

A good way to add books to your home library is to visit the gift shops when you go on an outing.  A few weeks ago, when I took my kids to the aquarium, I let them each pick out a new animal book on the way out.  This is a book my daughter has come back to many times in the past few weeks.  She can almost read it by herself now. 

As you're reading with your child, make sure you point out things like table of contents, bold words, or the glossary.  Talk about new words and see if they can relate their learning to something they already know.  For example, one of the books we read today, described a polar bear's paws as webbed.  Many kids knew that frogs' feet are webbed too, which helps them to swim.  We learned this in a book we read last month and kids were able to use their schema and make that connection.
Of course, cookbooks are a great type of nonfiction book too!  This is another great opportunity to discuss text features in cookbooks!  (More on this later in the week.)
Happy reading!

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