Monday, November 7, 2011

New Things To Look For

Over the past few weeks, we have been reading books by Eric Carle.  I know many kids have read these books at home because I hear, "TEACHER!  I have that book!"  When I take out a new book by Eric Carle.

This week, we will be starting to send home our literacy backpacks.  Each backpack will have a book, an activity, or sometimes a stuffed animal to read to.  The backpacks go home with a different student each day, so please be sure to send it back the day after your child brings it home.  If it is an especially busy night, and you don't have time to read the book or complete the activity, please send it back the next day anyway.  We will be sure your child gets a second turn, if they missed out the first time around.  The first book bags will just be a story by Eric Carle and a stuffed animal to read with. 

We are also sending home a writing book.  Each night, a different child will get to take these books home.  Please take a few minutes to fill this out with your child and read through the pages that were done by their classmates.  When each child has had one turn, we will send the books home again.

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  1. Benjamin's little brother really enjoyed our visit from the hungry caterpillar. We read the book a couple times & they took turns snuggling the stuffy. They've asked for their own caterpillars for Christmas. :)