Monday, May 23, 2011

More From Our Poetry Unit

We shared many poetry books during our poetry unit.  Here are a few favorites from kindergarten kids.

I love this book because it shows how poems can be written about anything.  It is also a great book for young kids because their homes are things all 5 and 6 year olds know a lot about.  They have schema and background knowledge of their homes.  When they think about their homes, they immediately have mental images.  After reading this book, kids had many new poetry ideas.

This book tied in very well with our work on the 5 senses.  It was also a wonderful model for how writers use their senses to describe.

We wrote poems together.  This was written as a whole class.

Yesterday I shared our poems and paintings.  Here is the display in our hallway.  It is so colorful and makes me smile every time I walk down our hallway.  Each child picked their favorite poem, had it typed, and painted a picture to match.  They are absolutely stunning!

Many kids in the class really connected with poetry.  Often, kids will finish an art project and then ask if they can write a poem to go with it.  OF COURSE THEY CAN!!!  Art is such an inspiration for poetry.  Do you share poetry with your kids?  Ask the children's librarian at the Lynnwood Library to help you find a few poetry books that your 5 or 6 year old will enjoy.  I guarantee they will love the books you find!
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