Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sorting by Attributes

Over the past few weeks, during math time, we have been working on sorting. We have spent quite a bit of time using our attribute blocks, sorting by size, shape, color, and thickness. Today we took our lesson on attributes to the next level.

The kids loved sorting with my "junk boxes" and found many creative ways to make piles. I loved the way one of the boys described his golden pile, silver pile, and colorful pile. A few of the other kids at this table sorted by shape.
Our shells were fun to sort and kids really made good observations about the differences in their shells. At this table, several kids worked together. They made decisions about how they would sort and which pile the shells would need to go into.

Sorting by color was the most common way kids decided to sort.

Think about things you can have your child sort at home!  Happy sorting!
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